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“Impressive calls Dave! It must get boring to be right all the time…….. Thank you. I really enjoy your calm and targeted approach to trading!” – @amcs on stocktwits 2/19/2020

“NUGT’s the gift that keeps on giving to us :).. cheers to another great trade” – Cato1974 on Stocktwits 3/3/20 after 26% gain taken

All Trades from November 2019 to March 26, 2020: Table of Trades at Bottom, Graph at Top. Some trades are reported here as 1/2 of a Full Trade.  We sell 1/2 when up 8% or more usually and then sell the other 1/2 with stops moving up.

Most trades are held 1-2 days on average, Date listed is date we closed it out

Date Symbol Return %
4-Nov labu 8%
6-Nov tqqq 8%
6-Nov nugt 9%
18-Nov labu 9%
27-Nov tna 8%
11-Dec nugt 8%
12-Dec nugt 5%
12-Dec yinn -3%
12-Dec tna 8%
23-Dec tna 7%
27-Dec nugt 17%
9-Jan labd -3%
17-Jan nugt 6%
3-Feb nugt -2%
5-Feb labu 15%
19-Feb nugt 14%
21-Feb soxl -3%
24-Feb labu -9%
27-Feb spxl -7%
3-Mar nugt 26%
9-Mar nugt -5%
10-Mar spxl 8%
13-Mar labu -10%
18-Mar labu 3%
19-Mar spxl 6%
19-Mar nugt 27%
23-Mar SPXS 7%
25-Mar SPXL 20%
25-Mar SPXL 14%
26-Mar LABU 12%
26-Mar LABU 9%