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“Impressive calls Dave! It must get boring to be right all the time…….. Thank you. I really enjoy your calm and targeted approach to trading!” – @amcs on stocktwits 2/19/2020

“NUGT’s the gift that keeps on giving to us :).. cheers to another great trade” – Cato1974 on Stocktwits 3/3/20 after 26% gain taken 
“Dave, a sincere THANK YOU for everything! I just looked at my numbers and I’m up 59% since I subscribed to the ETF service in late March. To anyone reading this, I cannot stress enough the importance of scaling in over time and following Dave’s advise to the penny. I loosely followed the advise to start which hurt me. By remaining disciplined to his advise my profits have taken off! It’s hard to fight the greed bug, but by sticking to the plan it has more than paid off. Dave, keep up the great work and I look forward to continuing to learn from your experience and research. Thanks again” – @Hank_Hill15 7/21/20 
October 2020 TQQQ TRADE: 14% and 20% gains on each 1/2

All Trades from November 2019 to Oct 12 2020

Table of Trades at Bottom, Graph at Top. Some trades are reported here as 1/2 of a Full Trade.  We sell 1/2 when up 8% or more usually and then sell the other 1/2 with stops moving up.


Most trades are held 1-2 days on average, Date listed is date we closed it out. Also most trades are closed out in tranches, 1/2 and then the final 1/2 (80% of the time)

4-Nov labu 8%
6-Nov tqqq 8%
6-Nov nugt 9%
18-Nov labu 9%
27-Nov tna 8%
11-Dec nugt 8%
12-Dec nugt 5%
12-Dec yinn -3%
12-Dec tna 8%
23-Dec tna 7%
27-Dec nugt 17%
9-Jan labd -3%
17-Jan nugt 6%
3-Feb nugt -2%
5-Feb labu 15%
19-Feb nugt 14%
21-Feb soxl -3%
24-Feb labu -9%
27-Feb spxl -7%
3-Mar nugt 26%
9-Mar nugt -5%
10-Mar spxl 8%
13-Mar labu -10%
18-Mar labu 3%
19-Mar spxl 6%
19-Mar nugt 27%
23-Mar SPXS 7%
25-Mar SPXL 20%
25-Mar SPXL 14%
26-Mar LABU 12%
26-Mar LABU 9%
3-Apr LABU -14%
7-Apr LABU 13%
7-Apr TZA 8%
8-Jul TZA -14%
14-Apr SPXL 11%
15-Apr SPXL 9%
16-Apr TQQQ  13%
17-Apr TQQQ 11%
20-Apr TQQQ -3%
27-Apr TQQQ 8%
28-Apr TQQQ 9%
13-May TZA 12%
13-May DRV  11%
14-May TZA 15%
14-May DRV  14%
26-May TNA 15%
26-May SPXL 6%
29-May LABU -10%
3-Jun NUGT -6%
11-Jun TZA 11%
11-Jun TZA 12%
18-Jun TZA 10%
23-Jun LABU 14%
9-Jul LABU 14%
13-Jul SOXL 11%
13-Jul SOXL 7%
20-Jul SPXL 10%
28-Jul LABU -10%
5-Aug TNA 9%
10-Aug TNA 18%
13-Aug LABU -10%
17-Aug SOXL 10%
8-Sep LABU -10%
15-Sep NUGT 10%
28-Sep SOXL 8%
1-Oct SOXL 16.50%
5-Oct LABU  11%
8-Oct LABU 19%
12-Oct TQQQ 14%
12-Oct TQQQ 22%
4-Nov LABU 11%
18-Nov LABU 14%
18-Nov TQQQ 9.50%
18-Nov LABU 7%
1-Dec LABU  18%
2-Dec LABU 15%