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3X ETF Trading Strategies: For Bull and Bear Cycles

In partnership with Stocktwits:  The Largest Social Network For Investors And Traders

This 3x ETF platform will be hosted on Stocktwits and allow members of the Stocktwits community (Register Free) to receive my 3x ETF alerts for entry, stop loss, target price, and ongoing updates on each trade on a regular basis.

Stocktwits has over 2 million registered active investors in the community and growing

“I recently joined this room and loving it by what I have seen so far. I realized playing 3x ETF solely on support and resistance does not give any edge. Really like the model of scaling into the positions”- @mmonis on 11/8/19

Just $40 a month to join our Trading Room, includes Discussions, Charting daily, Set ups I am watching ahead of time, and actual alerts, guidance and more! Great Track Record!!

Sample actual trade alerts, Track Record, and FAQ

Recent December 2019 NUGT ETF Trade for 17% gains in 1 week! Based on my behavioral pattern analysis of GOLD, we got long just in time before the Gold Stock huge rally!

About Us: TheMarketAnalysts.Com

  • The Market Analysts Group provides subscription advisory services for Active Traders and Investors. We are partnering with to provide this 3x ETF Trading service via their platform.
  • I have 60,000 plus followers on Stocktwits which has over 2 million registered active investors on the platform.
  • My Elliott Wave Theory based SP 500 models are popular with my followers and subscribers to my advisory services.

Leveraged 3X ETFs are funds that track a wide variety of asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and commodity futures, and apply leverage in order to gain three times the daily or monthly return of the respective underlying index. A 2% move in the SP 500 for example would translate to 6% for a 3X ETF security.


  • A push notification via Android or IOS is sent on the Stocktwits App as well as an E-mail
  • Posts are available to review and comment on in the Trading Room on Stocktwits in real time
  • Morning notes every day with market charts and commentary on opporunities in 3x ETF pairs.
  • Alerts will include entry range advised, Stop Loss, Profit Targets, and ongoing updates and advice
  • Behavioral Patterns are applied to create opportune entry and exits in both Bull or Bear ETF’s
  • SPXL/SPXU TNA/TZA NUGT/DUST LABU/LABD are among the popular Bull Bear 3x ETF’s we will alert

This service is intended to be focused solely on 3x ETF trading typically using SP 500, Gold, Biotech, and Small Cap related 3x ETF securities.

Typical 3x ETF symbols we will use are DUST/NUGT, TNA/TZA, SPXL/SPXU, TQQQ/SQQQ, LABU/LABD and others.

I have been forecasting and trading SP 500, Small Caps, Biotech, Gold and other sectors for many years using my combination of Elliott Wave Theory as I apply it, along with several indicators not typically used by traders.  My approach is behavioral based and we swing 3x ETF Bull and Bear securities often in my Swing Trade Subscription service, but in a Bull Cycle we focus quite a bit on individual stocks. 3x ETF’s are great for any market environment.

I have an SP 500 Futures Trading Room on Stocktwits now which lays out the market path in advance every day for short to intermediate term movements along with guidance and trade alerts on the E-MINI Contracts. I use my Elliott Wave based approach successfully on that platform and this room will feature 3x ETF trading

We will look for 8-20% gains in our favor using either Bull or Bear ETF pairs depending on market and sector conditions based on my pattern analysis.