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Dave Banister, 58, Chief Strategist since 2009 at

Dave has over 65,000 active traders and investors following him on and subscribers in over 40 countries to various services.

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Subscription Advisory Services for Active Investors since 2009



The Market Analysts Group, LLC
was formed in 2009 to provide Market Forecasting and Swing Trading expertise via subscription services to members.

I run 4 subscription advisory services running the gamut from SP 500 Futures Trading, Stock Swing Trading and Forecasting, Long Term Investing, and 3x ETF Trading. You can read up on these services at TheMarketAnalysts.Com

“David, you are, without a doubt, one of the best if not the best Elliott Wave guys I am aware of” 8/30/17,  Peter Brandt, CEO, Factor LLC #10 2017 Twitter Favorite Traders Poll

“Specializing in Elliott Wave based Market and Sector Forecasting and Trading. I also advise my subscribers daily on low risk high upside Stock and ETF Swing Trades with dramatic results since inception. I look for substantial market out-performance with less risk and volatility than the SP 500.”

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Our Chief Strategist has been a featured writer and guest on regarding Gold forecasting with Alix Steele. Also on with Thom Calandra in the early 2000’s covering small cap stocks. He also has contributed to, been quoted on Bloomberg, and is a Seeking Alpha certified contributor as well as an author of articles at multiple investor websites. Dave has over 60,000 active traders and investors following him on and subscribers in over 40 countries.