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SAMPLE TNA 3x ETF BULL chart from an actual SRP (Swing Trade Service) Alert coming off a market pivot below.

How do I sign up or register for this service?

You must be a registered member first, then sign up on the desktop version. See our Subscribe tab to  to get set up. hosts the service off of their website.

How many trades per week can we expect?

Typically we will have 1-3 trades on average per week, but it will depend on market conditions based on my Elliott Wave analysis and proprietary forecast models.  We will be patient for the best set ups with risk-reward in our favor.

What 3x ETF securities will you be trading or advising on?

These will vary but will likely be focused on Small Caps, Technology, SP 500 Index, Gold related, and Biotech.  Symbols such as BGU/BGZ, TNA/TZA, NUGT/DUST, LABU/LABD Etc. These are all symbols I have many years of experience trading and advising on in my other subscription services and they work well off behavioral models.

How do I receive notifications?

As a Stocktwits member, you will want to download the Stocktwits App on IOS or Android.  You will receive Push Notifications, Room Posts that you can be logged into and view at anytime, and also an E-mail notification.

More Questions?

Any other questions should be directed to