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3x ETF Trader Member Best Practices

Welcome to the 3x ETF Trader service on! 

Contact me at with any questions

Make sure to add to your contact list to avoid spam delivery of updates, alerts, reports etc.

General Guidelines for Swing Trading in my 3x ETF service:

Often we will buy 1/2 of a full position size or what I call 10% allocation with a projected trade range given to accumulate, and then add another 1/2 or double up if we get a deeper dip. This is common on 3x ETF trades within 1-3 days of the initial alert.  I will provide the guidance for each 1/2 position tranche via post and alert both, as well as daily morning updates.

When you are up 8% or more on any Full  (20% allocation) 3x ETF position, sell 1/2 your position with or without our update or alert. Always take profits on the way up on 3x ETF positions in general, and I will also alert as well when possible, sometimes markets move very fast. You can place limit GTC sell orders at 8% above your average price for 1/2 your share size/position.

If we are only long 1/2 position size (10% Allocation)  because we never had a chance to add another 1/2 to it, then if you are up 8% or more we often ride that higher and I raise the stops and guide you unless I otherwise alert based on market conditions. I will always keep you updated on the game plan for each position on a daily basis pre-market.

Expect a 3x ETF position to be volatile and often as much as 4-12% in 1-2 day window, I like to use pullbacks to work into the positions.  I found this to be the best way to swing trade 3x ETF’s during my 2008-2009 research and real time study/trading of these securities. It’s rare to catch a bottom on a single trade before a breakout or reversal of trend, so  best to scale in a bit at a time when possible over 24 hours of trading window or so.

We are aiming loosely for 8-20% gains as our goal on each trade, though obviously results will vary.

Each morning I will provide general market notes and or forecasts, updates on open trades, and perhaps some charts.

This is not a day trading service, I can go days without putting out a new alert. I prefer to be patient and wait for set ups that are in our favor. I like to sell when we are 70-80% of the move on the upside and the risks of holding are getting greater than just taking gains.

I also like to buy during corrections or nearing the end of a bottoming pattern by working into a position or positions.

If I do not see a risk reward set up I like, I will wait for one… let the market come to you.

You can Email me at anytime at or post a note to me in the comments on a post, good chance I will see the Email though sooner and respond a bit quicker.